New Album 'Life Cycle' Release Date 8th March 2018



I’ve been wanting to do this for ages - release a CD of Life Cycle, the second in my Toby Litt song cycle trilogy and thanks to the PRS Foundation Composers’ Fund, the generosity of Mara Carlyle, Oliver Coates, John Reid and Adam Hicks’ beautiful artwork, we're pretty much there. It will be available for download on Bedroom Community Hvalreki series the 8th March (International Women’s Day) and you can pre order CDs from my website here. (also, listen out for Life Cycle play on BBC Radio 3 on the 8th March!)

I’m really happy to announce I have a new collaboration, a duo called Mandel with all round wonderful creative musician, Misha Law. We have been meeting regularly for sometime and improvising freely (mainly on violin and viola) with no agenda then constructing the good bits into more defined, structured pieces. It’s very exciting to be working in this way and we look for ward to sharing our music with you - quite soon actually - on the 4th of April at 8pm the London Sinfonietta will be performing a 15 minute piece we are writing together at the Hayward Gallery in response to photos by Andreas Gursky, please come if you are around. 

Yesterday I recorded with Ben Corrigan for his fantastic podcast, ‘Excuse the Mess’ in which we have bravely written a piece together in a day using my Electro Magnetic Harp. It’s a fantastic podcast, you can hear other episodes with and Manu Delagu and Laura Jurd here and mine will be out next week.

I'm heading to Tipperary in a few weeks to hear another performance of Out Into with some new sound design by David Sheppard - plans to share it further are underway...

21st February: Liverpool University Marie Leenhardt join
8th March: Clonmel Finding a Voice Festival Out Into
18th March/ : Plumpstead Peculiar Hermes Experiment russian songs
18th March: Washington Art Gallery Canales Project nancy noel
4th April: Hayward Gallery London Sinfonietta Mandel collaboration
12th May: Melbourne Recital Centre Zoe Knighton, Sonya Lifschitz & Gian Slater life cycle

that's it for now. thanks for your ongoing support.