Life Cycle: Printed Score for Soprano, Piano and Cello


Life Cycle: Printed Score for Soprano, Piano and Cello



Life Cycle, written in 2011, is a song cycle in two parts, scored for soprano, piano and cello. 

Part One

  1. Stillborn – ‘She isn’t, but she was’
  2. Instrumental I
  3. And so I test myself – ‘And so I test myself’
  4. The pregnant woman – ‘I am the pregnant woman in the park’
  5. We are counting – ‘We are counting’
  6. Children being hurt – ‘The very thought/ of children being hurt’
  7. Instrumental II
  8. A ghostly home – ‘Our home is now a ghostly home’
  9. Instrumental III – (Amnio – ‘Skeleton I see and sense’)
  10. I am alone ‘I am alone/ no longer only one’

Part Two

  1. Hello – ‘Hello, my beautiful beyond’
  2. Look at my child – ‘Look at my child’
  3. Upon your chest – ‘I put my hand upon your chest’
  4. The gap so small – ‘The gap so small/ between world and child’
  5. Not just milk – ‘There used to be a woman in this body’
  6. Hushabye – ‘Hushabye – twinkle’
  7. The first turn – ‘Now you can turn’
  8. Instrumental IV
  9. A field of snow – ‘I see you here, all clear and all aglow’

Duration c.45 minutes.

Watch my video of The Pregnant Woman here or hear the track on Soundcloud

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