partials, a double espresso and a Marlborough red

I'm off to Paris next week for a premier of a choral piece. I'm sure there'll be a fair amount of nostalgia as I remember the year I lived there between York University and RCM - sitting in cafes with my double espresso working out which partials to put into my music - spending hours at the "Médiathèque" zoning into Le Monte Young. I managed somehow to smuggle into a weekly class at the conservatoire with a very nice teacher and his dog and I had a few afternoons at IRCAM somehow, everyone there wearing black polo neck tops, the fun I had busking in the metro with a motley crew of string players, a lot of Tom Wait's songs and Marlborough reds - it was a good year - the Parisians were kind to me but it felt right to return to London - which had a buzz in 2000 - New Labour, Tracey Emin's un made bed and all that but topping everything my beloved RCM composing cohort Anna Meredith, Mark Bowden, Matt Rogers, Chris Mayo & Charlie Piper.

I'm looking forward to being a part of this exciting new festival "Hidden Notes" here in Stroud in September. There is a stella line up of "classical crossover" or "neo romantic" (or however you want to call it) music and I'll be joined on the line up by my Bedroom Community pals Valgeir Sigurdsson and Daniel Pioro.