releases & hidden notes

Jodie songs. These are done. I’m excited about them. And excited Jodie Landau is going to record them and we'll co-release with Bedroom Community. I’ve set words by Rumi and Toby Litt and some instrumentals in between. It is sort of like my second album…after Folie a Deux...a continuation of the sounds of vocals and electronics and vocoders....

Folie a Deux. I’m really honoured that Gareth Williams chose Folie to present in this very sensitive analysis in the BBC Classics Unwrapped series

Rakhi Singh has asked me to write her a piece with electronics which is going to premier as part of Alex Groves' Solo series in London.

Last term I wrote another mini opera for children to perform; there four character groups; school strikers, the river Thames, Big Ben and politicians. It’s straight forward for primary school children to learn and very much of its time (spoiler - there is a happy ending). If anyone would like it for a primary school they are involved in - or would like to know more - do get in touch and I’ll send you a score, a film and all the resources all for free.

Ben Corrigan of “Excuse the Mess” has released an EP of all the pieces he created in a day with composers including myself, Robert Ames, Laura Jurd and Manu Delago. In our piece, my Electro Magnetic Harp, as well as being its normal lushious droning self reveals some new characteristics.....

Mandel essentially became a band at the end of August when we added 3 vocalists and a double bass and it really felt good. Out of our weekly improvisations we have created a really strong 45 minute set. We will be performing at Hidden Notes Festival in September, in London at the XR Rebellion in October, at Postlip Community and Gloucester Cathedral in November and plans are well underway now to record an EP.....

Hidden Notes is a brave new festival of neo-classical/ classical cross over (or however you prefer to describe it) music. And guess what? It’s in Stroud. That’s right. There is no excuse not to come and visit now! Artists include some form my label - Valgier Sigurdsson and Daniel Pioro and many other amazing artists including Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, Group Listening, Lubomyr Melnyk, Claire M Singer….I have 45 minute set on the Saturday the 28th and it is going to include new and old music and feature the Stroud Fringe Choir, pianists Claire Hammond and a world premier of a new piece I wrote for Cassie Yukawa-McBurney (reunited from RCM days!) something new for Daniel Pioro and some Mandel too.

I’m feeling pretty fired up about everything and bursting with ideas

more soon